Is bad posture causing your lower back pain? Most people experience lower back pain at one point in their lives. Lower back pain may be caused by sport related injuries, congenital conditions or accidents. But mostly this pain occurs during our day-to-day activities. Researchers believe that bad posture is a leading cause of pain in the lower parts of your back. Repetitive tasks at home or work, like sitting at a workstation for long hours, carrying and lifting, may produce muscle tightness and tension that can cause a backache.

How Bad Posture Provokes Lower Back Pain

You may not experience any bad posture side effects after sitting for a few hours at a computer, but over some time this can cause a lot of pressure in your spine resulting to back pain. Besides, the stress that comes from bad posture can lead to lower back pain. Experts reveal that lack of movement and bad posture contributes to lower back pain. Pain in your lower back is a serious condition that can cause a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. Lower back pain posture is a common problem that affects the working class who sit too long at their workstations or home.
But you can resolve this problem by doing appropriate exercises and correcting your sitting posture.

Bad Posture Back Pain Symptoms

When you begin to experience bad posture pain in your lower parts of your back, itself as a normal ache combined with the stiffness of your lower back. These initial symptoms tend to be relieved by doing light physical exercises or avoiding sitting for long . But if you ignore these initial symptoms, the stiffness levels of your lower back will increase.

lower back pain postureHere are some of the symptoms that you may experience if you have lower back pains:
* Severe back pains especially when one is bending forward.
* Excessive stiffness of your lower back
* Muscle fatigue
* Constant headaches
* Numbness in the feet or the lower limbs.

An experienced physiotherapist can diagnose what is causing your lower back pain and advise you on the best management and treatment.

Bad Posture and Lower Back Pain

Bad posture occurs as a result of imbalanced or weak core muscles which assist in keeping your spinal cord in right position. When these muscles become weak, they are unable to maintain your spine in the correct posture especially when you are sitting for an extended period. The tissue structures in your back become overloaded, and this starts to manifest as minor pains in the lower parts of your back.
Main leg muscles can also contribute to lower back pain as they become tight because of inactivity, like sitting for extended periods.

Common Posture Mistakes That Lead to Lower Back Pains

Many of us will admit that at one time or another they are guilty of committing some of these common mistakes that cause lower back pain. Before we continue let’s examine some of these mistakes and how to avoid them as discussed below:

Leaning forward from your Lower back
This is a common bad posture which puts a lot of pressure in your lumbar area and compresses your disks resulting in lower back pain.

Your Shoulders are Always Rolled Forward
It occurs when you sit in a soft chair that does not encourage right posture which causes a muscular imbalance resulting to lower back pain.

Sitting for too long
The general rule of the thumb when you sit for extended periods is to take small breaks after 30 minutes throughout your working period. Also, you need to drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated throughout the session.

Get Rid of Back pains

How to Get Rid of Back pains

Fortunately, various physical exercises can help to alleviate lower back pain as discussed below:

Try a New Physical activity
Yoga is an effective way of treating and preventing lower back pains that occur as a result of sitting for too long. It is a low-risk physical exercise that can reduce lower back pain posture problems.

Get assistance from Professionals
There are several professional services like massage and physical therapy service that can help to ease bad posture back pain symptoms.

Purchase an Ergonomic Chair
Many people work in offices where they sit for more than eight hours every day putting a lot of pressure in their spine resulting to back pains. Buying an ergonomic focused chair provides the required lumbar support and helps to reduce lower back pains.