Hi, I’m PJ Olsen, founder and owner of Restorative Strength, and an Original Strength Certified Pro.

Since 2015, I’ve worked with active, high-performing, ambitious folks like you who want to reclaim their life from stiffness and loss of mobility so they can get back to the things they love. 

From individuals in their mid-40s who are just noticing a decline in their performance…

…To adults in their mid-60s who are suffering from daily pain…

…To people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease who want to maintain their mobility and independence…

Restorative Strength can help you create massive transformation in your quality of life from here on out.

A bit about my story…

In the not-too-distant past, I was in your shoes — I felt young at heart, but my body was telling a different story.

I’d always led a very active lifestyle, but in my early 50s, I had a wake up call. I was in constant discomfort and pain, and my ability to move around was declining — thanks to my sedentary desk job.

I was quickly losing my independence and becoming isolated from the physical activities and social life that were so important to me.

In my search for a solution, I spent more money and time than I’d like to admit. I saw every specialist you could think of, but relief was only temporary.

However, I wasn’t willing to settle for a broken body. I was determined not to be sidelined and sedentary and unable to do the things I loved.

So, I tried something different. I learned about Original Strength™ and through it, as well as other specialized fitness and mobility training, I got my life back.

You, too, can take back your life and finally be able to do the things you used to.

No more one-size-fits-all treatments that don’t address the true causes of your stiffness and decline in mobility. You already know those only help for a little while, at best.

How Has Restorative Strength Helped People Like You?

I have an old hip ergonomics issue that is really helped by this work, and movement after these sessions is so much easier.
- John
I had hip replacement surgery and wanted to get back to working out. My hip is almost 100%….I hardly notice it at all anymore! I am walking daily and feel my speed and movement have greatly improved. I also notice my daily tasks are easier, especially playing with my grandchildren on the floor!
- Maureen
After a significant shoulder injury, PJ’s program helped me to not only get physically back on track but to become stronger than I’ve ever been. I moved easier, slept better, and gained strength.
- Bridget
Years ago I used to lift a lot of weights and be more active and now I know that I can start to do those things again. That’s the biggest difference for me. I feel like I can live like a normal person now.
- Shane
Before I started doing PJ’s class for Parkinson’s I was in despair, but now I have regained control of my life.
- Bill
I am in better shape than I have been since my 20’s. I have been able to return to one of my favorite activities, kayaking, getting in and out with ease, which was certainly not true a year ago before taking PJ’s classes. I can also lie on my back on the mat without a pillow, which I have basically never been able to do. In addition, my posture has improved dramatically.”
- Julie
I have seen great improvements in myself. My golfing handicap has dropped dramatically (15 strokes!) so golf is fun again, and my mobility has improved greatly.
- Ken, 79

Frequently Asked Questions

Original Strength™ is a system to restore, build, and/or enhance movement. Working with the belief that the body was made to heal itself, in turn, proper movement can help the body heal. 

Original Strength™ teaches natural, shockingly simple movements that are good for your body and loved by your brain. This movement restores your body to its original state, where you have strong and fluid movement.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/

Restorative Strength is not intended to be a replacement for medical or rehabilitative treatment or advice. Instead, it is a wonderful complement to the work you’re doing with other specialists to help improve and maintain your health and quality of life.
I believe that there is no one-size-fits all way to approach health and wellness. My 1:1 training options are customized to your specific needs, issues, and goals. My digital courses and classes are flexible enough to be accessible to almost anyone, with plenty of guidance and modifications. All my training offerings are based on a combination of Original Strength ™ techniques and other holistic movement modalities.

Your nervous system controls all your body’s functions. It is a fascinatingly complex system that, unfortunately, is under-recognized in most mainstream treatment options for increasing mobility and strength and reducing stiffness and pain. When you have pain or discomfort in your body, the underlying culprit is a weakened or overworked nervous system. By resetting and strengthening the nervous system first, true transformation in your body and movement can take place.

I cannot offer any guarantees, as the nature of this work varies greatly from person to person. I’ve worked with over 100 individuals in various modalities and the ones who were most successful and had the greatest improvements in their strength, mobility, and quality of life were the ones who stayed consistent and were patient through the process. 

What I teach isn’t a “one and done” thing — rather, it’s an incorporation of movement resets into one’s daily life. I myself practice my resets all the time to improve and maintain my own strength and mobility!

When working with me in any of my training, digital, or virtual packages, you can expect a judgment-free, caring, understanding environment. You can rest assured that I have been in a similar position myself and that I don’t teach things I haven’t done myself. You can also be sure that I have taken my own training and continuing education very seriously and I regularly invest in learning new ways to understand pain, movement, fitness, the mind-body connection, and other ways to help my clients.

The only “equipment” you’ll need are a chair, a yoga or exercise mat, or your bed if you’re more comfortable there. Some clients eventually choose to utilize equipment like weights, kettlebells, or resistance bands, but these are not required. 

Most of my programs are offered virtually, so a tablet or computer are necessary for access.

As an Original Strength™ Certified Pro, I’ve learned to see movement through a different lens than your typical Personal Trainer. I receive regular education from a team that consists of a Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Sports Trainer, as well as a Personal Trainer so that I learn to think outside the box when it comes to working with an individual’s specific situation and needs. 

All Original Strength™ Pros teach movement that is accessible to all, easily understandable, enhances physical movement, corrects movement issues, and helps prevent injuries.

There is no “one size fits all” methodology when working with clients. This unique approach allows me to build more effective programs for my clients.

Professionals using the Original Strength™ movement system report that individuals in their care respond quicker, see improved results, are pain-free sooner, and feel better after learning these simple “resets.”

If you enjoy going to the gym or want to get a membership, go for it! However, it is not necessary in order to utilize any of my offerings. Most of my clients access my programs or classes from their home. If you’re in the Nashville area, you may also utilize my in-home studio for private sessions.

I have extensive training and experience working with individuals with Parkinson’s disease. 

We combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s by resetting the individual’s neuromuscular system with Original Strength™ resets allowing them to enjoy improved physical movement and physiological function. If getting up and down from the floor feels overwhelming, the sessions can be done from a chair with great success.

It’s not uncommon for adult children to reach out to me on their parent’s behalf. In these instances, taking advantage of my complimentary consultation is best so that everyone is on the same page about what issues need to be addressed, what goals are most important, and other unique considerations. 

During a consultation, you and your parent can learn about how I work with clients, the types of things they will and will not be asked to do during sessions with me, and have plenty of opportunity to ask questions to determine the best route.

Certifications and Credentials/ Qualifications

Original Strength Certified Pro

Original Strength Certified Pro

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200)

Certified Yoga Wellness

Certified Yoga Wellness Specialist (RYT 300)

Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Functional Movement Systems

Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Certified

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