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About PJ Olsen

A runner for 30+ years, I spent 20 of those years engaged in traditional strength training (i.e. machines and free weights) under the guidance of various personal trainers. In spite of all that time spent at the gym, running injuries started becoming a regular occurrence. While training for the Country Music 1/2-Marathon in 2009, I endured injuries that threatened to sideline my running activities permanently. I was experiencing such terrible hip pain that even getting up out of my chair at work was a struggle. Not willing to quit my active lifestyle, I parted ways with my personal trainer and began searching for an alternate form of exercise that would improve hip strength and mobility so that I could resume running.

That’s when I stumbled upon Master SFG Instructor David Whitley and began my journey with kettlebells. In September 2010, only 9 months after I began training with kettlebells, I competed in the Women’s Half Marathon here in Nashville…running injury-free and shaving off 27 minutes from my finish time as compared to my race results in April 2009!  Seeing how kettlebell training really improved my own strength, mobility, and endurance, I was inspired to receive my instructor certification in May 2012 at the age of 53.

Recognizing that good movement is as essential as strength, I learned about Tim Anderson’s “Original Strength” in 2013 and attended several of his workshops. By following his movement restoration system I was able to create a resilient, mobile, and, for the most part, pain-free body and became certified as an Original Strength Coach in 2015. I recently completed my Yoga Alliance teacher certification at the 200-hour level with an emphasis on Gentle, Restorative, and Senior Yoga. Beginnning in March 2016, I will be pursuing RYT-300 Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Therapy Course.

As an Original Strength Certified Coach, I love helping others…especially those over the age of 50…rediscover the joy of moving well so they may enjoy an improved quality of life and hope for their future!


  • StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level II
  • Original Strength Certified Coach
  • RYT 200
  • Functional Movement Systems Certified
  • TRX Suspension Training Certified
  • Yoga Therapy RYT-300 (in progress)
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Ready to return to the strength, flexibility, and energy you once had?

My mission is to provide an encouraging, supportive environment where anyone – regardless of age or current level of fitness – can learn to create a resilient body by restoring good movement and one’s “original strength”.
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