Restorative Strength Success Stories

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Restorative Strength Success Stories

Dixie, age 60, hip pain

Dixie was an active woman who enjoyed things like hiking, yoga, and competitive tennis.

However, she wasn’t able to take part in these activities due to severe pain in her hip. She had seen multiple types of practitioners in her search for relief and being able to get back on the tennis court and participate in her other beloved activities.

She felt that her body was betraying her.

When I met her, her hip was in such poor condition (bone-on-bone) that she needed a hip replacement as soon as possible. Her doctors recommended that she do pre-habilitative work prior to surgery so she could get stronger and have an easier recovery.

Dixie’s training with me began as it does with all my clients — with uncomplicated and efficient nervous system resets, customized to what her pain and limited mobility would allow for at the time.

With each session, her hip pain lessened and she started gaining back her strength.

In fact, her doctors allowed her surgery date to be postponed a few months because her hip felt so much better. Then, as the new surgery date approached, she and her doctors agreed that it wasn’t an imminent need any longer, as her pain continued to lessen and her strength and mobility improved.

At one point she even signed up for a doubles tennis tournament with the intention of just having a good time playing her favorite sport and not being in pain afterward because she had made so much progress in her work with me. Not only did she play nearly pain-free, but Dixie and her partner won the match!

All in all, Dixie was able to delay her hip replacement by a year and a half, and she used that time to get stronger and equip herself to recover more quickly.

She felt empowered that everything surrounding this major operation was her choice, and not something she felt powerless against.
When she underwent the surgery, she was functioning and feeling better than she had in years. Her recovery went smoothly and she had the tools and strength she needed to return back to her normal life after post-op rehab.
“PJ is such a positive and patient trainer. She has been able to keep me moving, even with my arthritic hips and knees. This past year, when my limited range of motion frustrated me, PJ has been able to help me adapt and strengthen other areas of my body, and as a result, I have been able to postpone surgery. The best thing about PJ is that she actually watches how the exercises are being performed, and corrects any mistakes that could result in injury or pain.”

Brook, age 52, shoulder pain

Brook was an active dad of three teenagers and worked in a high-stress, high-demand profession. He wanted to keep up with his family and be able to do all the fun things that come along with raising teens. 

The first time I met Brook, he had a very bothersome and painful shoulder. It had gotten to the point where playing sports like basketball with his kids made him feel miserable, and he’d have to spend the next day in bed, recovering with ibuprofen and a heating pad. 

Very shortly after beginning his work with me, he awoke very early one morning and felt like he was having a heart attack, with several intense physical symptoms. He didn’t want to wake his wife or call 911 quite yet. After a moment, it occurred to him to try some of the movements I’d taught him in his sessions in hopes that he’d feel better.

Within minutes of practicing his movement resets that he’d only learned weeks before, his symptoms significantly improved. He realized it wasn’t a heart attack, but rather a physical expression of the stress and demands of his job, and the daily shoulder pain he was living with.

This experience was a turning point for Brook. He began to understand that what he was learning in his training with me was benefitting him both physically and mentally.

His shoulder was improving, as were his overall stress levels and emotional state. 

As he continued his work with me, he started noticing that the type of activities that would normally be painful and difficult were easier and not causing any soreness afterward — things like lifting a Christmas tree over his head and on top of his car and spending a day sledding with his teenagers.

Being an active presence in his kids’ lives was one of the most important things to Brook. His strength had improved and his pain had diminished so much that he could finally participate with them, without worrying about his shoulder anymore.

“Working with P.J. has been a life changer. With some deep breathing, stretches, and Original Strength™ exercises, in just a few weeks, I had my normal, day-to-day strength back. I had the stamina again to get chores done around the house without being sore from head to toe later. A few months after that, it really hit me when I hoisted the new Christmas tree onto the roof of our car (with what used to be a weak shoulder) thinking to myself, “The trees must be lighter this year,” and then realized that I was just a stronger person overall. This was 100% due to P.J.”

Ken, age 79, diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

Ken had been an avid golfer for much of his life. It brought him so much joy to be out on the golf course, actively participating in the sport he loved. 

Later in life, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Over time, he was no longer able to play due to his symptoms. It devastated him, but he was not willing to give up yet.

When I first met him for private training, he told me simply, “All I want is my golf game back.

He was ready and willing to do whatever it took to see those lush and rolling greens again.

Ken worked hard and stayed consistent with not only attending his sessions with me, but incorporating his movement resets into his daily life.

He understood that he’d have to continuously work at it, little by little, to slow down the progression of his Parkinson’s symptoms and regain the strength, balance, energy, and posture required to be able to enjoy golf again.

And that he did.

On his 78th birthday, Ken went golfing and shot a 78 (If you’re not sure what that means, the bottom line is that’s a really good golf score)!

“For the last 18 months I can see great improvement in myself! My golfing handicap has dropped dramatically so golf is fun again, and my mobility is much improved. I think that your program has raised my awareness to the things that Parkinson’s disease was doing to me and it gives me a way to fight back and regain my confidence that I can overcome this awful disease. Thank you for all you do to help people like myself.”

If you have a story similar to Dixie, Ken, or Brook — living with pain and discomfort and missing out on the activities that are important to you — there is hope.

I invite you to join me on a free, 30-minute consultation where you can share your own story with me. I’ll offer personalized suggestions and recommendations on how we could work together to get you back to the life you love — no pressure and no strings attached.

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