Benefits of Small Group Training from a Personal Trainer

Small Group Personal Training

Is It Better To Work out Alone or Join Small Group Personal Training workouts?

Do you find exercising alone, tiresome, boring, and hard to stay motivated?
Are you looking for a cheaper way to achieve your fitness goals?

If the above statement describes you, your search stops here!

We know that physical exercise is crucial for our health, but sometimes it’s an uphill task to maintain interest. That’s why training with a small group can be a great benefit.

Small group personal training is where one fitness trainer instructs a group of three to nine clients in one session. It allows you to enjoy the advantages of a personal trainer while lowering your financial entry point.

Without further ado, let’s explore why small group training is becoming a popular buzzword in the fitness industry today.

6 Reasons to Try Small Group Training Workouts

According to a new study, only 2% of people exercising alone can attain the desired results without hiring a personal trainer. If you still doubt, check out six more reasons why small group personal training is worth your time and money:

Small Group Strength Training Exercises

1. Small Group Personal Training Promotes Friendly Competition

Let’s face it!It can be daunting trying achieving your strength targets alone. You might put in a lot of effort, but you will end up not getting the perceived fitness levels because you might get bored or lack the motivation to press on along the way.

Fortunately, joining a small group fitness class will allow you to compare your rates of progress against that of your peers. You will be encouraged to work out harder if you realize that your peers are doing better than you. Training with others helps you to put extra effort, check your progression rate, and improve your nutritional program!

2. Small Group Training Offers Various Strength Training Exercises

By working with an experienced personal trainer, you will enjoy many strength workouts that will help achieve your fitness goals much faster than when exercising alone. She will ensure that no two training sessions will be similar.

Thus, there will be progress in each session, and you will keep on improving and never plateau.
In fact, research has shown that people are bound to lose more shed weight if their training buddy is losing pounds! It’s a win-win!

3. Consistency and Adherence of Training

When you train with a small group, you are likely to establish meaningful relationships and make friends with your peers, which will, in turn, help you to stick with your fitness classes and consistently keep exercising over the long-term. Suddenly you have other peers to worry about, and if you begin to lag, then you will be answerable to them, your trainer, and yourself!

It’s this high level of accountability that drives you forward and assists you to stick with your fitness routine while consistently putting in the effort to achieve desired goals over time.

4. Training with a Small Group is More Fun

Let’s face it- training with others is going to be more fun than sweating it alone in the gym! Although the goal of any personal fitness routine is to meet fantastic strength results, it’s crucial to have fun as you continue training to maintain the enthusiasm and motivation needed to succeed.

Training with others helps you to feed off your peers and enjoy some good banter with them (always know that you are here to toil hard and achieve great fitness results!).

It makes attending your next workout session something you can’t miss, rather than dread.
Generally speaking, small group personal training makes working out more fun – and nothing can beat that!

Small Group Personal Training motivation

5. Small Group Personal Training Boosts Your Motivation

When you exercise as part of a small fitness group, your peers will encourage you to work hard because you will be ashamed to sit down and see them achieve great results. This is something that you cannot do when exercising alone with a personal trainer.

As an added advantage, if you are progressing faster than everybody else in the team, then that will motivate you to even push harder in your training.

If you are slack, a few words of exhortation from your peers can go a long way in helping overcome your fears and achieve your fitness goals hassle-free!

6. It Allows you to access Personalized Attention

Unlike with the large groups, whether there is limited or no opportunity for a personal trainer to provide an individual touch to your training.

In contrast, small group training helps you to reap the benefits of one-on-one instruction in a conducive team environment.

Find out more about small group training benefits by booking a session with your personal trainer today. And if you lives in Nashville TN or nearby area then Contact us so we can get started!

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