Restorative Strength Simple Movements For Active Lifestyle

Restorative Strength Simple Movements

One of the major excuses that people give regarding their health and fitness is that they do not have time to exercise. This is because we are all living in a hectic and super busy world. Getting to eat healthy meals and doing some simple movements to maintain an active lifestyle can be a challenge especially when you are trying to juggle relationships, family, work, and more. Fortunately, Restorative Strength’s efficient, safe, and simple movements can assist you to reclaim your high-achieving and active lifestyle.

If you are one of the many people who fear losing their ability to move as you get older, then restorative strength simple movements are perfect for you. These simple body movements help you reclaim your high-performing and active lifestyle with reduced stiffness and increased fitness- no matter your fitness level or age. Reclaiming your strength and mobility can feel like an uphill and frustrating battle, but with our simple movements, you can get back to your active lifestyle- regardless of your location, current level of fitness, and age. This post will discuss the benefits of simple movement exercises to alleviate different types of pain in your body.

Reduce Stiffness and Pain

Joint swelling, stiffness, and pain can affect the quality of your life. Some conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory diseases might require regular restorative strength and simple exercises to help ease symptoms. Though even healthy people can still benefit from such exercises in a bid to maintain their fluidity of mobility and motion.

They say that exercise is medicine. There are many advantages to doing simple movement exercises daily. Such exercises are important for patients with arthritis as they help to ease stiffness and pain.

Here are some positive effects that some basic movement exercises have on the various parts of your body:

  • Heart: You can boost the health of your heart by doing some non-strenuous strength movement exercises which can include taking nature walks, cycling, or utilizing a stationary bike.
  • Bones: You can benefit from the high bone density which comes from doing simple movement exercises daily.
  • Joints: Regular movement exercises can help to keep your joints properly lubricated while improving their range of motion. Oftentimes, it is the lack of that lubrication that causes joint pain and other related problems.
  • Muscles: Weak muscles can cause pain in your body since they cannot support your bones, movements, and weight. Surprisingly, one of the tactics to strengthen weaker muscles is by doing simple movement exercises daily.


Some of the best exercises that can help you reduce pain and stiffness include; weight training, yoga, dancing, and swimming activities.

Restorative Strength Movement Exercises

Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension

If you work on a desk job all day long, there is no doubt that the region above your shoulders holds all the tension. According to research, neck pain may sound like severe pain or stiffness. This pain may spread over to your shoulders, arms, or upper back or it may trigger severe headaches and cause tingling, and numbness or make your arms weaker. The major causes of neck pain are either positional or postural. The modern lifestyle of sitting in front of a computer all day causes your head to move forward together with your skull.

Relieving shoulder tension and neck pain is not easy, particularly in the modern busy world. But there are simple restorative strength movement exercises that can help to ease muscle pain and tension and discomfort.

Here are some simple movement exercises you can try daily to relieve tightness and tension in your shoulders and neck:

  • Neck stretch: This is a deep stretch that reduces tension in your neck and also helps to improve your range of motion.
  • Ear drop: Here you will interlace your hands behind your back, resting your hands on the part of your lower back and later pulling your shoulders down and back. From here, drop the right ear to your right shoulder, and hold in there for a while. Then repeat.
  • Neck circles: Utilize your chin to make a circle to the left three times and to the right three times.


Tightness and tension in your shoulders and neck are common signs of anxiety and stress. It is your body’s way of responding to a perceived physical threat. Simply put, it is a part of the “flight or fights” stress response. Luckily, muscle tension in the shoulders and neck respond well to restorative simple movements, such as yoga, targeted stretching, and other relaxation exercises.

Improve Balance and Mobility

Do you want to run faster and move without any pain? If so, you need to try simple movement exercises on a daily basis. Performing simple movement balance exercises can help to increase your core strength and coordination. These exercises work on your lower back, muscles, and legs. While these movement exercises can be daunting at times, consistent effort will make them easier.

Here are some of the simple movement exercises that will help you stay active, and improve coordination and balance while preventing injuries and falls:

  • Tightrope walks: Tie a string to two poles, hold your arms on the sides and walk on the string without stepping on the side, and walk at least 15 steps.
  • Standing on one leg: Stand on your right leg while lifting your knee near the level of your hip, hold there for five seconds, then progress to ten seconds.
  • Ankle mobility: The ankle alphabet is crucial for dynamic balance and movement. Adding simple ankle movement exercises to your regimen helps in preserving your ankle joint function.


Improved balance makes daily activities like carrying heavy stuff, walking up and down the stairs, and instantly changing directions easier. It also helps to improve your overall health and fitness levels.

Rediscover the freedom and joy of moving like you used to.

Under the right conditions, your body can do a great job of repairing and regenerating itself. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand these “right” conditions. Restorative strength simple movement exercises help you create the right conditions and put you on your way to wellness or optimal health.

Would you like to try our restorative exercises to help reduce your chronic pain? Call us or schedule your free, no strings attached 30 minute consultation today.

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