How to Reset Your Body and Mind While Staying at Home

how to reset your body and mind

The extensive social distancing rules put in place to curb the spread of Coronavirus means that you will spend much of your time at home.

Self-quarantine means that you have few opportunities to remain physically active like attending fitness classes, cycling, or walking. But equally worrying, your home environment provides an opportunity for a sedentary lifestyle, which can take a toll on your physical and mental health.

While self-quarantine measures are crucial, our minds and bodies still require regular exercises to function optimally, strengthen our nervous system and regain mobility during these tough times. Even before the lockdown restrictions were announced, multiple studies showed that physical inactivity claims 5.3 million people worldwide.

This post will show you how to reset your mind and mood release the stress while staying at home through three basic movement patterns as recommended by renowned fitness experts.

Learn How to Strengthen Your Nervous System with These 3 Crucial Movement Patterns

It is usual for you to experience traumatic stress after a disturbing incident, whether it’s a plane crash, terrorist attack, violent crime or coronavirus pandemic. Repeated exposure to traumatic stress can overwhelm your nervous system and leave you feeling helpless in the time of trouble. Whether you experienced the epidemic as a front line attendant or you are dealing with its effects, here are three basic movement patterns to increase full body strength and reset your nervous system.

Belly Breathing Workouts
1. Belly Breathing

Deep breathing is an effective way to release stress and tension after a disturbing event. Fortunately, breathing exercises are simple to learn, and you can do them at your home without requiring any equipment or prior experience. Belly breathing helps you to relieve stress and relax. You can try to belly breathe anytime by following these simple steps while at home:

  • Lie flat or sit in a comfortable position.
  • Put one hand on your chest and the other one in your belly.
  • Take a deep breath via your nose and your belly to push the hand out.
  • Breathe out through your pursed lips like you are whistling. Feel the hand in your belly stretch inwards and use it to drive all the air out.
  • Repeat this up to ten times.
  • Note how your body feels at the end of the exercise.

If you are feeling stressed right now, then this development movement pattern will help you know how to reset your body and mind.

Rolling Movement Pattern
2. Rolling Movement Pattern

Rolling is a fun and playful movement pattern that can help your body to absorb the impact of any size or type. Rolling requires coordination and is a useful tool to strengthen your nervous system further. For example, if you were in a situation where you are required to balance between something scary and high, you could be operating under a lot of pressure and may feel dizzy. Strengthening your nervous system further ensures that you are prepared for real-life situations every day.

Here is how to perform a rolling movement pattern while at home and reset your body to fitness:

  • Lay on your back with your hands over the head, and your feet placed hip-width apart.
  • In a diagonal movement pattern reach one arm to your body, while maintaining the other hand overhead.
  • Reaching across your body, follow the hand with the head and eyes, while rotating the head through the entire roll of your stomach.

Rolling movement’s patterns are crucial for people who experience chronic pain or anxiety-related problems.

Crawling Movement Patterns

3. Crawling

Crawling is one of the best developmental movement patterns that you can do at your home during this lockdown period. It can help to make your body stronger and resilient. Yes, crawling, a seemingly foolish and childish exercise could the only thing you need to improve your mobility, your strength and overall health during this coronavirus pandemic.

Crawling can also reset your central nervous system. It reduces your stress levels, restores your nervous system and facilitates faster recovery from rigorous exercises. If you have nagging injuries and pains, then crawling could be an excellent workout to try out at home this time.

Final Thoughts
If there is one thing that people have learnt from working and staying at home during this Coronavirus pandemic, is that social distancing can prove daunting to your body and mind. With limited time outdoors, social interaction and miles away from our usual office desks, people must stay active but also do movement exercises that will strengthen their nervous system and ease stress brought about by this pandemic. Fortunately, the three-movement patterns discussed above will help to reset your mind and mood for success during the tough times. If you want to know more about our press reset class series, kindly contact us for more information today or follow us on Instagram.

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